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  1. Photo of James MacTaggart

    James MacTaggart Director

  2. Photo of Shena Mackay

    Shena Mackay Novel

  3. Photo of Ian Trigger

    Ian Trigger Cast

  4. Photo of Anneke Wills

    Anneke Wills Cast

  5. Photo of Jerome Willis

    Jerome Willis Cast

  6. Photo of Sylvester Morand

    Sylvester Morand Cast

  7. Photo of Stanley Lebor

    Stanley Lebor Cast

  8. Photo of Geraldine Newman

    Geraldine Newman Cast

  9. Photo of Anthony Wager

    Anthony Wager Cast

  10. Photo of Annette Kerr

    Annette Kerr Cast

  11. Photo of Iain Cuthbertson

    Iain Cuthbertson Cast

  12. Photo of Mona Bruce

    Mona Bruce Cast

  13. Photo of William Moore

    William Moore Cast

  14. Photo of Jane Knowles

    Jane Knowles Cast

  15. Photo of Renu Setna

    Renu Setna Cast

  16. Photo of Edith MacArthur

    Edith MacArthur Cast

  17. Photo of Herbert Chappell

    Herbert Chappell Music

  18. Photo of Peter Luke

    Peter Luke Producer