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  1. SBERB's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    un fight club pensato da cronenberg

  2. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

  3. yelloww's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

  4. 711f's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

  5. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Here Tsukamoto comes of cinematic age. Like his other films, the characters are naturally unattuned with their bodies (the end's beautiful montage is the equivalent of a sadomasochistic circle-jerk). But this film has deeper subtext: the love triangle allows for an exploration into the possessive nature of sex, then the liberation of the body -- and thus has a bit of underlying proto-feminism.

  6. Richard!'s rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Intense, relentless and right in that glorious borderland between exploitation and art.

  7. andrew's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Boxing and body scarification as an exploration of inflicting and receiving pain. Manic style suits the content perfectly.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    The graphical style is a discovery. So primitive yet so poignant. Simple filters, close up shooting, sharp lights... The storytelling manages to make a barely passable script perfectly watcheable,

  9. Stephen Yeates's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Well that was insane, but I loved it.

  10. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Does not beat Tetsuo on the ring.

  11. raggiodisole's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Tetsuo hallmarks here, that same sense of dehumanisation, industrializing the human body. Intense, in your face and liable to disturb

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    I enjoyed this film's style and atmosphere, some very cool shots. Great cast and performances. The film is brutal, filled with impressive fighting scenes. Watching this film I felt like it's more about a fight in the society, trying to find our own place in it. It's a film about our limitations, frustrations, desires and how they can crush us... The relations between the three main characters are a bit confusing.

  13. Láďa Tvarůžek's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Some good elements but the violence was quite often senseless.

  14. abrown1211's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Stylish and brutally violent, it was enjoyable although hard to emotionally invest in any of the characters. Definitely worth watching - 3.5 stars

  15. FéverParallésime's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Great stuff, story is fairly basic with some brilliantly over the top injury prosthetics. Every punch sounds like it could knock a wall through, absolutely manic

  16. Thomas's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    A raw, stark urban tale of mutual self-destruction. The film sharply reflects the glistening cold blue impersonality of the city, though at the expense of sufficient emotional content. I didn't warm to either the characters or the narrative.

  17. anna drozdova's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    I was nothing before this movie. Now I am one step closer to enlightenment. <3 :)

  18. BrickBat_Snickersnee's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

  19. Paul Relf's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Brutally disturbing. Ultra over the top but some crazily intense moments. Loved it!

  20. Agne's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Didn't see the connection with Fight Club other than the high-stakes fighting. The interesting thing about this movie was how all three characters are trying to stop one another from turning into something else, and then, mad on bloodlust, egg each other on at the same time. The storyline with the murdered girl emotionally flat and a bit pointless, but the three-way relationship and the violence pack a punch.

  21. SiIencio's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Infantile plot that does not dig deep enough into the concepts of primal instincts and human alienation, instead it explicitly revolves around the idea that men have to literally fight like cavemen to preserve their status without any hint of the roots for this primal behavior. Gory flashes and histrionic acting lower the standards of the film. Intriguing, unrefined and often out-of-control cinematography.

  22. Christopher W's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    Unfathomable and rather too gory

  23. Enrico Cioni's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    This came terribly close to being a 2-star film, but for 3 things: the blood geysers, a few brilliant scenes (first and foremost, the phone call/"Don't have sex with her" scene), and some genuinely unexpected plot turns (especially as regards the female character, Hizuru). Still, I'd recommend it be watched with a friend with a sense of humour, as I did, as an antidote to the film's more tedious aspects!

  24. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Tokyo Fist

    "I was on my way home, but the moon brought me back here" - very cool stylised, surreal film. Immense bruises and bloodiness. Perfect straight to camera shots and beautiful character poses. But the reference to Fight Club is unfair and misleading. You can't enjoy this film for what it is, if you're thinking about Fight Club.

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