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  1. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    It’s not that this needed to be some sort of tribute to Ozu and Ozu’s Japan, but I don’t really see how Wenders has any real focus here. He meets Chris Marker midway through the film, and that’s when I was like, “Oh this is like a not so good Sans Soleil.”

  2. morals and dogma's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

  3. Nachtreich's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

  4. :::::'s rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    depositing spheres, M-Sph-M', the sphere is a special species of money when money is reified beyond its existence as a privileged species of commodity. wenders is wrong about the mu on ozu's grave, especially revealed in herzog's vulgarity. rather than contributing to the proliferation of images, ozu made strictures, emptied out the frames, repeated canned narratives to reduce them to nothing, thus introducing real.

  5. meiguiweisheng_xiang's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

  6. yaz's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Wender's narration killed it for me. He is narrating like a reader and not a director.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Une oeuvre assez vaine qui ne vaut le détour que pour l'approche passionnée et documentée de la vie et de l'oeuvre du grand réalisateur Yasujiro Ozu...

  8. ermete polpette's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

  9. Aardsy's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Without a camera I'd be able to better remember.

  10. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    One of Wenders' finest films, because it implies more than it shows-- about Ozu, but much more besides.

  11. Luis Pires's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    If I ever went to Japan/Tokyo, I'd be Wenders; making a fool of myself while being fascinated by every single thing.

  12. lina maj's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Wenders is really good at creating diaries. Uses great soudtrack too. Tokyo has changed even more since the modern times of 1985. Werner Herzog was a bit too much.

  13. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Would make a fine quadruple bill with Sans Soleil, Cafe Lumiere, and an Ozu of your choosing. Throw in an extra Wenders feature (The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, perhaps) and you'll have exquisitely killed yet another all-too-deserving night or day. I could hardly believe the soundtrack wasn't by Haruomi Hosono; its melodies and sonorities alike evoked memories of nights on galactic railroads.

  14. HSBilly's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    "ozu got the best out of me and i gave him my best."

  15. Luz Sabina's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Homenaje a Ozu. Herzog y Marker...el cámara de Ozu grande!

  16. Mars in Aries's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

  17. M Klein's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    A salutory warning for any film fan who goes 'in search of ...' Still, the bit with Ozu's cameraman is very moving - Ozu really inspired devotion. Also, I was wondering as I looked at the elderly Chishu Ryu who he reminded me of ... until I realised he reminded me of the younger Ryu.

  18. s1gh6's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Would be the best movie in the history if turn off sound. But I rate it 4, because video is still marvelous.

  19. Galen's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    i lost all trust in wenders' mostly banal commentary when he started speaking over chishu ryu and yuharu atsuta. what an unacceptably rude gesture.

  20. Hani's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    The visual narrative was amazing enough to make Wender's narration unnecessary. The sequence of making the pretend food is my favorite. It almost made me wanna break the TV.

  21. GORGEOUS's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    that interview with chishu ryu ~___~

  22. Laura Hilton-Smith's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    No.16 - A wonderful and interesting film, my first 5 star rating this year. A film essay that portrays abstract elements of modern Tokyo against the the brilliant films of Ozu and touching interviews with the people that worked with him.

  23. David Huxley's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    Although I wish he'd spent more time interviewing the cast and crew of Ozu's films, I didn't mind the discursive quality of the documentary (but, I'm still trying to figure out why he spent so much time with the fake food makers). The "Tokyo Story" clips were too long for Ozu fans, but the last part in which he interviewed Yûharu Atsuta, Ozu's cinematographer for 35 years, was both enlightening and quite emotional.

  24. chanandre's rating of the film Tokyo-Ga

    I felt warm air breathing out of the screen onto my of the best homages to a director I've ever seen. And the Herzog words are always funny and seeing him speaking German for once...I always felt like if you turn on a film camera anywhere in Japan a film will get shot regardless of you trying. Maybe it's stupid, but that country just has a special landscape I don't know...cameras <3 Japan

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