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  1. Photo of Naoyoshi Shiotani

    Naoyoshi Shiotani Director

  2. Photo of Masaya Ozaki

    Masaya Ozaki Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marina Inoue

    Marina Inoue Cast

  4. Photo of Mitsuo Iwata

    Mitsuo Iwata Cast

  5. Photo of Nana Mizuki

    Nana Mizuki Cast

  6. Photo of Yuuichi Nakamura

    Yuuichi Nakamura Cast

  7. Photo of Takahiro Sakurai

    Takahiro Sakurai Cast

  8. Photo of Keisuke Sasagawa

    Keisuke Sasagawa Cinematography

  9. Photo of Takeshi Yanagawa

    Takeshi Yanagawa Music

  10. Photo of Fumiko Tanikawa

    Fumiko Tanikawa Production Design

  11. Photo of Kyoji Asano

    Kyoji Asano Production Design and Animation

  12. Photo of Izumi Hirose

    Izumi Hirose Production Design

  13. Photo of Production I.G

    Production I.G Producer and Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Taeko Hamauzu

    Taeko Hamauzu Editing