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  1. Photo of Elizabeth Lennard

    Elizabeth Lennard Director

  2. Photo of Jean-Roger Sahunet

    Jean-Roger Sahunet Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Françoise Buresi

    Françoise Buresi Producer

  4. Photo of Monique Villechenoux

    Monique Villechenoux Producer

  5. Photo of Jacques Pamart

    Jacques Pamart Cinematography

  6. Photo of Michel Bort

    Michel Bort Cinematography

  7. Photo of Akiko Yano

    Akiko Yano Cast

  8. Photo of Haruomi Hosono

    Haruomi Hosono Cast

  9. Photo of Yukihiro Takahashi

    Yukihiro Takahashi Cast

  10. Photo of Makiko Suzuki

    Makiko Suzuki Editing

  11. Photo of Kiki Miyake

    Kiki Miyake Production Design

  12. Photo of Muriel Rosé

    Muriel Rosé Production Design

  13. Photo of Ryûichi Sakamoto

    Ryûichi Sakamoto Music and Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Claude Brisson

    Jean-Claude Brisson Sound