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  1. Photo of Takashige Ichise

    Takashige Ichise Director and Producer

  2. Photo of John Ledford

    John Ledford Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Koji Tsutsumi

    Koji Tsutsumi Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Matt Greenfield

    Matt Greenfield Producer

  5. Photo of Hiroshi Aramata

    Hiroshi Aramata Screenplay

  6. Photo of Kaizo Hayashi

    Kaizo Hayashi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Shohei Ando

    Shohei Ando Cinematography

  8. Photo of Masaya Kato

    Masaya Kato Cast

  9. Photo of Takeshi Kusaka

    Takeshi Kusaka Cast

  10. Photo of Kaho Minami

    Kaho Minami Cast

  11. Photo of Naoko Nozawa

    Naoko Nozawa Cast

  12. Photo of Kyûsaku Shimada

    Kyûsaku Shimada Cast

  13. Photo of Keiichi Itagaki

    Keiichi Itagaki Editing

  14. Photo of Koji Ueno

    Koji Ueno Music

  15. Photo of Lam Ngai-Kai

    Lam Ngai-Kai Director