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  1. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Tokyo!

    2nd film is probably the most disconneced of the 3. 1st and 3rd at least give an overview of what actually living in Tokyo is like and then putting a weird twist on it with a young couple moving to the city and getting lost in their own imagination and a recluse realising he's not the only shut in trying to get away from people but the 2nd in forsight is expanded in Holy Motors. But all 3 are equally entertaining.

  2. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Tokyo!


  3. Henrique Barbosa Justini's rating of the film Tokyo!

    as três histórias tratam da despersonalização do indivíduo na metrópole. nos três casos, para ser ativa politicamente, as ruas têm de ser tomadas e transformadas em sua mecânica formal- que se lamba os sovacos das pessoas, que se transforme numa cadeira, que edifícios desmoronem

  4. Anthony De Luca's rating of the film Tokyo!

    The first and last parts are quite charming. The middle part is guff. Carax had the chance to make a film about Tokyoites but instead focuses on two Frenchmen talking gibberish. He could do that in France.

  5. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Tokyo!

    [More like an average between the first part ****, the second ** and the third *****] Out of this composite movie, Bong Joon Ho's part is the strongest: makes a bold statement, in an even bolder setting of a world full of hikikomori. His movie is the most gentle in the bunch, followed by Gondry's - while Carax's section is just annoying (at least for me).

  6. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Tokyo!

  7. eleventries's rating of the film Tokyo!

    3 estrellas sólo por la tercera parte

  8. speedball's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Carax episode is not bad, but not so good, Bong is good, Gondry just great.

  9. tgmf's rating of the film Tokyo!

    I just realized I'd barely seen modern Tokyo in movies. It is always like 50's or photo of common places from magazines, or anime. Should take closer look on modern Japanese cinema.

  10. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Tokyo!

  11. Pipim's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Farfelu, drôle, intelligent, tremblant, archaïque.

  12.'s rating of the film Tokyo!

    Drei Geschichten, die scheinbar nur eines gemeinsam haben: Sie spielen in derselben Stadt. Als Tokyo ins Kino kam, war es vor allem ein Wiedersehen mit Leos Carax, dem französischen Enfant Terrible... mehr auf

  13. Dries's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Fighissimo il segmento di carax, così così gli altri 2

  14. aikeart's rating of the film Tokyo!

    ¿Retratos de una ciudad imposible?

  15. Mariana Vilhena's rating of the film Tokyo!

  16. dodgygeezer's rating of the film Tokyo!

    An intriguing collection of three short films that I'd highly recommend. The middle film, "Merde", is the least interesting, seeming like an actors workshop that's got out of hand. Gondry's "Interior Design" is a tale of finding a place in the world - it's sweet, sad and unnerving. "Shaking Tokyo" is similarly strange but captures an eerie atmosphere rather beautifully.

  17. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Tokyo!

  18. Criss Fletcher's rating of the film Tokyo!

    This magical realist triptych isn't perfect, but it captures the imagination. Michel Gondry's Interior Design is wonderfully surprising, and has a great visual effects sequence worth waiting for, but Carax's Merde is exactly that. An exciting start, following the hideous Mr Merde through the streets of Tokyo, becomes flat, despite the brilliant performance. Shaking Tokyo is sweet and fun, but won't be memorable.

  19. Dennis Morgan's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Denis Levant is one of the greatest actors of all time! Mr Merde, what a guy!

  20. DrFirestone's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Excellent and interesting to watch! All three parts are different to each other, which makes the whole more engaging. Actually, I enjoyed the middle bit least, it might be because I lived and worked in Tokyo and the first and third parts show daily life situations and expose real problems people face there. Highly recommended :)

  21. ruthlornaadele's rating of the film Tokyo!

    Joon-ho was outstanding, carax more farcical but it made me laugh. I will get back to gondry, it had been a long day though what I saw was promising....

  22. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Tokyo!

    "Interior Design" "Merde!" "Shaking Tokyo" Michel Gondry Leos Carax Bong Joon Ho "Merde!" is laugh out loud funny. All 3 of these films are clever, unexpected, engaging. Totally inspiring. I love all three.

  23. Superfrog's rating of the film Tokyo!

    The issue with a 3 feature set is that it is hard to grade. The fist one is amazing and would easily get 5 stars, the second one a paltry 2 and the third one probably 4. I wont talk about the first one as it is a typical Gondry job, breathtakingly amazing, as usual. The last one is a very good feature on the phenomenon of people isolationg by choice. T

  24. raggiodisole's rating of the film Tokyo!

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