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  1. Alex's rating of the film Toll Booth

  2. elif jazel's rating of the film Toll Booth

    Serkan Ercan's acting is amazing! and I liked the cinematography. father-son conflicts are well written. but still not a good example of dark humor. its more a pscyhological drama.

  3. wolfmansRazor's rating of the film Toll Booth

    Nice performance from Ercan (who really reminds me of DeNiro), but the story, character dynamics, and even the film's approach to dreaminess all felt pretty stock to me. The automaton in a soul-crushing job finally losing his grip, the overbearing father, the quasi-surrealism, these are all things you've seen before in a dozen American indies and festival films.

  4. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Toll Booth

    A very buttoned down man (nicknamed "robot" by one of his co-workers) begins to, not unbutton, but unravel as his desperate need for approval and acceptance lead him into a life half real and half fantasy with heartbreaking results. Beautiful music, as well.

  5. maninthemirror's rating of the film Toll Booth

    I loved everything about this film - the pace, the editing, the actors, the music, the cinematography. The balance between comedy and tragedy was quite adept. For a first feature film, this is huge success. The Q&A with the film maker himself made me put 5 stars, 4 otherwise. A great experience that was complemented by Joy Division on the way home...

  6. coamado's rating of the film Toll Booth

    Be patient Istanbul, soon in a cinema near you!