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  1. Photo of Brian Gilbert

    Brian Gilbert Director

  2. Photo of Michael Hastings

    Michael Hastings Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adrian Hodges

    Adrian Hodges Screenplay

  4. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  5. Photo of Miranda Richardson

    Miranda Richardson Cast

  6. Photo of Rosemary Harris

    Rosemary Harris Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Dutton

    Tim Dutton Cast

  8. Photo of Nickolas Grace

    Nickolas Grace Cast

  9. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  10. Photo of Clare Holman

    Clare Holman Cast

  11. Photo of Philip Locke

    Philip Locke Cast

  12. Photo of Joanna McCallum

    Joanna McCallum Cast

  13. Photo of Joseph O'Conor

    Joseph O'Conor Cast

  14. Photo of John Savident

    John Savident Cast

  15. Photo of Linda Spurrier

    Linda Spurrier Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Chancellor

    Anna Chancellor Cast

  17. Photo of James Greene

    James Greene Cast

  18. Photo of Lou Hirsch

    Lou Hirsch Cast

  19. Photo of Simon McBurney

    Simon McBurney Cast

  20. Photo of William Osborne

    William Osborne Cast

  21. Photo of Giles Tayl

    Giles Tayl Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Fuhrer

    Martin Fuhrer Cinematography

  23. Photo of Debbie Wiseman

    Debbie Wiseman Music

  24. Photo of Jamie Leonard

    Jamie Leonard Production Design

  25. Photo of Harvey Kass

    Harvey Kass Producer

  26. Photo of Marc Samuelson

    Marc Samuelson Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Samuelson

    Peter Samuelson Producer

  28. Photo of Paul Colichman

    Paul Colichman Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Miles A. Copeland III

    Miles A. Copeland III Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Tony Lawson

    Tony Lawson Editing