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  1. Photo of Amando de Ossorio

    Amando de Ossorio Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jesús Navarro Carrión

    Jesús Navarro Carrión Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lone Fleming

    Lone Fleming Cast

  4. Photo of César Burner

    César Burner Cast

  5. Photo of María Elena Arpón

    María Elena Arpón Cast

  6. Photo of José Thelman

    José Thelman Cast

  7. Photo of Rufino Inglés

    Rufino Inglés Cast

  8. Photo of Verónica Llimera

    Verónica Llimera Cast

  9. Photo of Simón Arriaga

    Simón Arriaga Cast

  10. Photo of Francisco Sanz

    Francisco Sanz Cast

  11. Photo of Juan Cortés

    Juan Cortés Cast

  12. Photo of Antonio Orengo

    Antonio Orengo Cast

  13. Photo of María Silva

    María Silva Cast

  14. Photo of Britt Nichols

    Britt Nichols Cast

  15. Photo of Pablo Ripoll

    Pablo Ripoll Cinematography

  16. Photo of L. Fernández Soria

    L. Fernández Soria Music

  17. Photo of José Antonio Pérez Giner

    José Antonio Pérez Giner Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Salvadore Romero

    Salvadore Romero Executive Producer

  19. Photo of José Antonio Rojo

    José Antonio Rojo Editing

  20. Photo of Luis Castro

    Luis Castro Sound

  21. Photo of José María San Mateo

    José María San Mateo Sound

  22. Photo of Humberto Cornejo

    Humberto Cornejo Costume Design