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  1. Hélène Musc's rating of the film Tomorrow

  2. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Tomorrow

  3. Mouraz's rating of the film Tomorrow

    As opposed to Di Caprio/Steven's Before the Flood this is a magnificent take on climate change through the prism of solutions rather than the problem itself. As such, and despite some superficiality in specific matters and other minor flaws, Demain struck me as a much more informative, interesting and important film. Recommended.

  4. c.g's rating of the film Tomorrow

  5. Denis Zordan's rating of the film Tomorrow

  6. João Martins's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Dynamic and educational. A must see for general public.

  7. Marina C.'s rating of the film Tomorrow

    Concise, optimistic but not utopic - doesn't really pat you in the back and tells you "it's all gonna be alright", but doesn't crucify you and say, like most docummentaries and films of the genre, "it's too late and we're all gonna die anyway". It was absolutely fulcral to make a docummentary that showed a more positive angle, and a perspective that offered solutions and not just fatal data. Charming and educational.

  8.'s rating of the film Tomorrow

    (...)Ganz schlimm, der Soundtrack, der so aalglatt klingt wie die Aufnahmen des Drehteams, das immer mal wieder mit Ray Ban Sonnenbrille im Bild erscheint. Sind wir in einem Werbespot gelandet? So viel strahlendes Lächeln, so viel Erfolgs-Stories! Da bin ich auch dafür, dass die Welt gerettet werden muss!

  9. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Simple, clair, accessible, Demain ressemble à un clip ou à une pub pour des alternatives écologiques, économiques, sociales, politiques ou éducatives. La sélection est plutôt bien faite, l'ensemble bien articulé, montrant la complémentarité des actions. Militant, le film rappelle l'essentiel : comment privilégier la diversité, le local, l'engagement. Reste à lever les blocages de nos sociétés... C'est le plus dur.

  10. Thijmen's rating of the film Tomorrow

    A bit too long and optimistic but full of nice examples how we can change the destructive course our global economy has taken.

  11. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Tomorrow