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  1. cherbourgdoll's rating of the film Tomorrow

  2. Greg Shields's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Undoubtedly the best movie so far, out of lots of great movies!

  3. Rory Boothe's rating of the film Tomorrow

    A tale of aloneness, quiet with a true accent, is also a tale of the capacity for care.

  4. mark adamczyk's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Brilliant acting performances from a first-rate cast, drawn out by constantly engaging camerawork. We liked the sensitive attention to costumes and everyday objects as well.

  5. 2multo's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Hauntingly and awkwardly powerful. Truly felt like Faulkner's world. Unconventional form, style and cinematic look. The way a story like should have been.

  6. Jeffrey's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Robert Duvall is fantastic. Jackson Fentry's ability to endure is touching and admirable. Enduring first the loneliness of his surroundings. Then by some miracle have the possibility of love gifted to him to. Then to lose that 2 times over. Towards the end of the movie the face of Fentry is stricken with loss and sorrow but with a strong look of humility and acceptance.

  7. Donald Daedalus's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Portraying a 19th century south masterfully made with 1970s Robert Duvall, who, even in his youth, was balding. Not bad.

  8. El Biffo's rating of the film Tomorrow

    "This world isn't run the way it oughta be run."

  9. Anthony Dewar's rating of the film Tomorrow

    The film is based on a William Faulkner story and is shot much like a play as the film mainly consisted of the two main characters. The acting is extremely well done, and can be very dramatic at times. The film does a good job of transporting the viewer back to the rural south during the great depression. Overall, the film is slowly paced yet it offers surprising twist that keeps the plot interesting throughout.

  10. Saar's rating of the film Tomorrow

    I'll give this a five. The story was a good story and the ending was excellent. I'll save the rest to avoid spoilers.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Tomorrow

    Based on Horton Foote's play which was an adaptation of Faulkner's story... this movie does indeed come across like a stage play. It is basically a 2-character film for most of the run time. And both Duvall and Bellin give extremely solid performances. In that manner, it's quite enjoyable. It's slow-paced and the script is wordy but it's a good film. I question whether or not it should have been adapted at all.