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  1. Photo of Nils R. Muller

    Nils R. Muller Director

  2. Photo of Per Gjersøe

    Per Gjersøe Director

  3. Photo of Jens Bjørneboe

    Jens Bjørneboe Screenplay

  4. Photo of Per Christensen

    Per Christensen Cast

  5. Photo of Wenche Foss

    Wenche Foss Cast

  6. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  7. Photo of Joachim Calmeyer

    Joachim Calmeyer Cast

  8. Photo of Rolf Daleng

    Rolf Daleng Cast

  9. Photo of Finn Kvalem

    Finn Kvalem Cast

  10. Photo of Ola B. Johannessen

    Ola B. Johannessen Cast

  11. Photo of Henny Skjønberg

    Henny Skjønberg Cast

  12. Photo of Helga Backe

    Helga Backe Cast

  13. Photo of Finn Bernhoft

    Finn Bernhoft Cast

  14. Photo of Erik Melbye Brekke

    Erik Melbye Brekke Cast

  15. Photo of Synnøve Gleditsch

    Synnøve Gleditsch Cast

  16. Photo of Rolf Nannestad

    Rolf Nannestad Cast

  17. Photo of Alfred Solaas

    Alfred Solaas Cast

  18. Photo of Hans Nord

    Hans Nord Cinematography

  19. Photo of Egil Monn-Iversen

    Egil Monn-Iversen Music

  20. Photo of Sverre Gran

    Sverre Gran Executive Producer, Producer Screenplay

  21. Photo of Olaf Engebretsen

    Olaf Engebretsen Editing

  22. Photo of Leif Ingebretsen

    Leif Ingebretsen Sound

  23. Photo of Ada Skolmen

    Ada Skolmen Costume Design