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  1. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Director, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Larry Gelbart

    Larry Gelbart Screenplay

  3. Photo of Barry Levinson

    Barry Levinson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elaine May

    Elaine May Screenplay

  5. Photo of Murray Schisgal

    Murray Schisgal Screenplay

  6. Photo of Don McGuire

    Don McGuire Screenplay

  7. Photo of Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman Cast

  8. Photo of Jessica Lange

    Jessica Lange Cast

  9. Photo of Teri Garr

    Teri Garr Cast

  10. Photo of Dabney Coleman

    Dabney Coleman Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  12. Photo of George Gaynes

    George Gaynes Cast

  13. Photo of Bill Murray

    Bill Murray Cast

  14. Photo of Geena Davis

    Geena Davis Cast

  15. Photo of Christine Ebersole

    Christine Ebersole Cast

  16. Photo of Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol Cast

  17. Photo of Doris Belack

    Doris Belack Cast

  18. Photo of Ellen Foley

    Ellen Foley Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Gatto

    Peter Gatto Cast

  20. Photo of Lynne Thigpen

    Lynne Thigpen Cast

  21. Photo of Ronald L. Schwary

    Ronald L. Schwary Cast

  22. Photo of Debra Mooney

    Debra Mooney Cast

  23. Photo of Estelle Getty

    Estelle Getty Cast

  24. Photo of Owen Roizman

    Owen Roizman Cinematography

  25. Photo of Alan Bergman

    Alan Bergman Music

  26. Photo of Dave Grusin

    Dave Grusin Music

  27. Photo of Marilyn Bergman

    Marilyn Bergman Music

  28. Photo of Stephen Bishop

    Stephen Bishop Music

  29. Photo of Peter S. Larkin

    Peter S. Larkin Production Design

  30. Photo of Dick Richards

    Dick Richards Producer

  31. Photo of Charles Evans

    Charles Evans Executive Producer

  32. Photo of William Steinkamp

    William Steinkamp Editing

  33. Photo of Fredric Steinkamp

    Fredric Steinkamp Editing