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  1. P D Dawson's rating of the film Topaz

    Some felt Hitchcock was losing his way come the late sixties, however I feel this is a very well put together film and hasn't been given its due credit. It's different for Hitchcock for sure, yet it has a grittiness to it, and a political edge that should be given kudos, no matter the director. He also refused to go with star power for this film, and so instead had faith and belief in the film's message alone.

  2. DSPRKY's rating of the film Topaz

    Parts of this are very well done (in particular the visual storytelling at the hotel), but it tends to drag and suffers from an unusual ending.

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Topaz

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Topaz

    >>> Certainement un des films les plus passables du grand metteur en scène britannique, avec "Le rideau déchiré" et "Pas de printemps pour Marnie", qui s'étire dans d'incroyables invraisemblances et de tortueuses justifications pseudo-politiques, d'une lourdeur pachydermiques. A voir toutefois par curiosité, mais c'est quelquefois d'un remarquable inintérêt et d'une pénible prétention...

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film Topaz

  6. Laurs Kemp's rating of the film Topaz

    Constipated. But that shot of the dress!

  7. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Topaz

    by far not a typical Hitchcock & one of the worse he has made.

  8. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Topaz

    Good looking film with a rather incomprehensible story.

  9. Daniel Caumo's rating of the film Topaz

    Those three stars are for Hitchcock superb direction. If only the story 2 stars would be more than fair.

  10. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Topaz

    ...and I thought Torn Curtain was bad.

  11. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Topaz

    Uno degli Hitchcock che mi ha meno coinvolto;sembra sempre trascinarsi stancamente,non ha il ritmo e le scene che funzionano a perfezione nei suoi film,e i piani in interno sono eccessivamente velati,con un filtro che tende a patinare troppo il tutto. Il finale poi sembra davvero arrangiato,e non dà mai l'idea di fornire risposte esaurienti.Bello solo il pezzo del finto fioraio che ruba la valigetta.Film non riuscito

  12. Hikaru's rating of the film Topaz

    Despite its many flaws, this is still an engaging film because of Hitchcock's craftsmanship. It's actually pretty amazing that this mess of a story somehow ends up being coherent using his usual narrative tricks. The scene in which "François" interviews a Hitchcock-look-alike Philippe Noiret must be an inside joke.

  13. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Topaz

    Quite honestly, the worst Hitchcock film I've seen so far. It's so dull and boring. I had a hard time caring at what was going on.

  14. Drew.'s rating of the film Topaz

    My favorite film of all time (he says once again, despite knowing the ridicule he will receive for this statement. Nobody understands that he does not see the face of Frederick Stafford, but instead the face of his deceased wife. How he missed her so. He began to cry as he began watching Topaz again on laser-disc.

  15. Roscoe's rating of the film Topaz

    Some flickers of interest, to be fair, but a lifeless cast, over-complicated script and a fatal lack of tension in the final third sink the film. Surprising that Hitchcock would settle for such lackluster results -- only Roscoe Lee Browne brings any spark to the proceedings. On the other hand, Eastwood won Oscars for films only slightly more effervescent.

  16. floserber's rating of the film Topaz

    Yes, one of the worst by Hitch, but still a good film.

  17. Sadhaka's rating of the film Topaz

    Minor Hitchcock. Still better than your average movie.

  18. MikeEverleth's rating of the film Topaz

    Not a Hitchcock classic, but a thoroughly entertaining British spy movie, if one likes those kinds of things from this period. A strong central character never quite develops, but the middle Cuba section with John Vernon as a Castro-like figure has some particularly tense scenarios.

  19. Aurora's rating of the film Topaz

    En que momento Hitchcock cayó en manos de la propaganda gringa? :s Triste.

  20. WhatsUpWill's rating of the film Topaz

    A lot of stupid minded characters in this one. Topaz made me think of how awesome it would have been if Hitchcock directed a similar veined (and, in my opinion, a far more engaging one) novel adaptation, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I believe it would have been delightful. Instead, we have Topaz, which certainly isn't terrible, just a standard Cold War spy film. I liked it enough.

  21. Vieuxcapitaine's rating of the film Topaz

    pfff pura propaganda anticubana y ni siquiera una ingeniosa.

  22. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Topaz

    One of Hitchock's later and less thrilling films. I confess I barely remember a single scene.

  23. Conquest of Gaul's rating of the film Topaz

    the only Hitchcock film I haven't like besides(Rich And Strange) which I still preferred over this. Dissapointing and boring