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  1. Photo of Alexander Hall

    Alexander Hall Director

  2. Photo of George Somnes

    George Somnes Director

  3. Photo of Albert Lewis

    Albert Lewis Producer

  4. Photo of Grace Perkins

    Grace Perkins Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lenore J. Coffee

    Lenore J. Coffee Screenplay

  6. Photo of Karl Struss

    Karl Struss Cinematography

  7. Photo of Claudette Colbert

    Claudette Colbert Cast

  8. Photo of Ricardo Cortez

    Ricardo Cortez Cast

  9. Photo of David Manners

    David Manners Cast

  10. Photo of Lyda Roberti

    Lyda Roberti Cast

  11. Photo of Baby LeRoy

    Baby LeRoy Cast

  12. Photo of Charley Grapewin

    Charley Grapewin Cast

  13. Photo of Sam Godfrey

    Sam Godfrey Cast

  14. Photo of Florence Roberts

    Florence Roberts Cast

  15. Photo of Virginia Hammond

    Virginia Hammond Cast

  16. Photo of Mildred Washington

    Mildred Washington Cast

  17. Photo of Cora Sue Collins

    Cora Sue Collins Cast

  18. Photo of Helen Jerome Eddy

    Helen Jerome Eddy Cast

  19. Photo of Albert Conti

    Albert Conti Cast

  20. Photo of Ethel Griffies

    Ethel Griffies Cast

  21. Photo of Eda Warren

    Eda Warren Editing

  22. Photo of Ralph Rainger

    Ralph Rainger Music

  23. Photo of Harold Lewis

    Harold Lewis Sound

  24. Photo of Travis Banton

    Travis Banton Costume Design

  25. Photo of Lynn Starling

    Lynn Starling Screenplay