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  1. Photo of Jacques d'Arthuys

    Jacques d'Arthuys Director

  2. Photo of Luisa Orioli

    Luisa Orioli Executive Producer, Director

  3. Photo of Peter Willats

    Peter Willats Executive Producer

  4. Photo of José Pedro Andrade dos Santos

    José Pedro Andrade dos Santos Producer

  5. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  6. Photo of Anna Devoto

    Anna Devoto Producer, Director

  7. Photo of Thomas Harlan

    Thomas Harlan Screenplay, Director

  8. Photo of Russell Parker

    Russell Parker Cinematography

  9. Photo of Luís Banasol

    Luís Banasol Cast

  10. Photo of Herculano Valada Martins

    Herculano Valada Martins Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Vitória

    Maria Vitória Cast

  12. Photo of Wilson

    Wilson Cast

  13. Photo of José Afonso

    José Afonso Cast

  14. Photo of Francisco Fanhais

    Francisco Fanhais Cast

  15. Photo of Miguel (Duque de Lafões)

    Miguel (Duque de Lafões) Cast

  16. Photo of Camilo Mortágua

    Camilo Mortágua Cast

  17. Photo of Vitorino

    Vitorino Cast

  18. Photo of Noémia Delgado

    Noémia Delgado Editing

  19. Photo of Roberto Perpignani

    Roberto Perpignani Editing

  20. Photo of Fausto Ancillai

    Fausto Ancillai Sound

  21. Photo of Michael Billingsley

    Michael Billingsley Sound

  22. Photo of Norberto Chayer

    Norberto Chayer Sound

  23. Photo of João de Azevedo

    João de Azevedo Sound

  24. Photo of François Demptos

    François Demptos Sound

  25. Photo of Mário João Feliciano

    Mário João Feliciano Sound

  26. Photo of Alessandro Peticca

    Alessandro Peticca Sound

  27. Photo of Federico Savina

    Federico Savina Sound