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  1. Photo of Michèle Lemieux

    Michèle Lemieux Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Adrian Wills

    Adrian Wills Director

  3. Photo of Neilson Vignola

    Neilson Vignola Director

  4. Photo of Charles F. Joron

    Charles F. Joron Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Sébastien Ouimet

    Sébastien Ouimet Producer

  6. Photo of Jon Landau

    Jon Landau Producer

  7. Photo of James Cameron

    James Cameron Screenplay, Producer Director

  8. Photo of Victor Pilon

    Victor Pilon Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of Jeremy Benning

    Jeremy Benning Cinematography

  10. Photo of Cumie Dunio

    Cumie Dunio Cast

  11. Photo of Raymond O'Neill

    Raymond O'Neill Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriel Christo

    Gabriel Christo Cast

  13. Photo of Jeremiah Hughes

    Jeremiah Hughes Cast

  14. Photo of Guillaume Paquin

    Guillaume Paquin Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel Crisp

    Daniel Crisp Cast

  16. Photo of Giulia Piolanti

    Giulia Piolanti Cast

  17. Photo of Zoé Sabattie

    Zoé Sabattie Cast

  18. Photo of Priscilia Le Foll

    Priscilia Le Foll Cast

  19. Photo of Heidi Haines

    Heidi Haines Editing

  20. Photo of Guy Dubuc

    Guy Dubuc Music

  21. Photo of Marc Lessard

    Marc Lessard Music

  22. Photo of Marc Laliberté

    Marc Laliberté Sound

  23. Photo of Keith McMullen

    Keith McMullen Sound

  24. Photo of Kym Barrett

    Kym Barrett Costume Design