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  1. Photo of Sergio Corbucci

    Sergio Corbucci Director

  2. Photo of Bruno Corbucci

    Bruno Corbucci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dino De Palma

    Dino De Palma Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giovanni Grimaldi

    Giovanni Grimaldi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mario Guerra

    Mario Guerra Screenplay

  6. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Screenplay

  7. Photo of Totò

    Totò Cast

  8. Photo of Peppino De Filippo

    Peppino De Filippo Cast

  9. Photo of Aroldo Tieri

    Aroldo Tieri Cast

  10. Photo of Alberto Lionello

    Alberto Lionello Cast

  11. Photo of Anna Campori

    Anna Campori Cast

  12. Photo of Lia Zoppelli

    Lia Zoppelli Cast

  13. Photo of Jacqueline Pierreux

    Jacqueline Pierreux Cast

  14. Photo of Luigi Pavese

    Luigi Pavese Cast

  15. Photo of Marco Scarpelli

    Marco Scarpelli Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gianni Ferrio

    Gianni Ferrio Music

  17. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design

  18. Photo of Emo Bistolfi

    Emo Bistolfi Producer

  19. Photo of Dolores Tamburini

    Dolores Tamburini Editing

  20. Photo of Kurt Doubrowsky

    Kurt Doubrowsky Sound