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  1. Photo of Franco Maresco

    Franco Maresco Director, Screenplay Editing

  2. Photo of Lillo Iacolino

    Lillo Iacolino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Salvatore Gattuso

    Salvatore Gattuso Cast

  4. Photo of Marcello Miranda

    Marcello Miranda Cast

  5. Photo of Carlo Giordano

    Carlo Giordano Cast

  6. Photo of Pietro Arciadiacono

    Pietro Arciadiacono Cast

  7. Photo of Rean Mazzone

    Rean Mazzone Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Luca Bigazzi

    Luca Bigazzi Cinematography

  9. Photo of Camillo Conti

    Camillo Conti Cast

  10. Photo of Angelo Prollo

    Angelo Prollo Cast

  11. Photo of Antonino Carollo

    Antonino Carollo Cast

  12. Photo of Leonardo Aiello

    Leonardo Aiello Cast

  13. Photo of Daniele Ciprì

    Daniele Ciprì Editing, Director Screenplay

  14. Photo of Cesar Augusto Meneghetti

    Cesar Augusto Meneghetti Editing

  15. Photo of Fabio Sciortino

    Fabio Sciortino Production Design

  16. Photo of Luigi Melchionda

    Luigi Melchionda Sound

  17. Photo of Silvia Moraes

    Silvia Moraes Sound