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  1. Photo of Jacques Doillon

    Jacques Doillon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Philippe Defrance

    Philippe Defrance Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christophe Soto

    Christophe Soto Cast

  4. Photo of Olivier Bousquet

    Olivier Bousquet Cast

  5. Photo of Roselyne Vuillaume

    Roselyne Vuillaume Cast

  6. Photo of Ann Zacharias

    Ann Zacharias Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Trévières

    Martin Trévières Cast

  8. Photo of Pierre Fabien

    Pierre Fabien Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriel Bernard

    Gabriel Bernard Cast

  10. Photo of Marilyne Even

    Marilyne Even Cast

  11. Photo of Joëlle Martin

    Joëlle Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Alain Vibé

    Alain Vibé Cast

  13. Photo of Gilette Barbier

    Gilette Barbier Cast

  14. Photo of Denise Bonal

    Denise Bonal Cast

  15. Photo of François Béranger

    François Béranger Cast

  16. Photo of Marcel Gotlib

    Marcel Gotlib Cast

  17. Photo of Philippe Nahon

    Philippe Nahon Cast

  18. Photo of Yves Lafaye

    Yves Lafaye Cinematography

  19. Photo of Manuel Durouchoux

    Manuel Durouchoux Production Design

  20. Photo of Roger Fleytoux

    Roger Fleytoux Producer

  21. Photo of Anne-Marie Prieur

    Anne-Marie Prieur Producer

  22. Photo of Jean-Jacques Schakmundès

    Jean-Jacques Schakmundès Producer

  23. Photo of Noëlle Boisson

    Noëlle Boisson Editing

  24. Photo of Alain Contreault

    Alain Contreault Sound