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  1. Photo of Ayse Polat

    Ayse Polat Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Basri Polat

    Basri Polat Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yekta Arman

    Yekta Arman Cast

  4. Photo of Ercüment Balekoglu

    Ercüment Balekoglu Cast

  5. Photo of Özlem Blume

    Özlem Blume Cast

  6. Photo of Oktay Çagla

    Oktay Çagla Cast

  7. Photo of Siir Eloglu

    Siir Eloglu Cast

  8. Photo of Özay Fecht

    Özay Fecht Cast

  9. Photo of Karen Friesicke

    Karen Friesicke Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Glade

    Martin Glade Cast

  11. Photo of Cengiz Gökelma

    Cengiz Gökelma Cast

  12. Photo of Ünal Gümüs

    Ünal Gümüs Cast

  13. Photo of Orhan Güner

    Orhan Güner Cast

  14. Photo of Fatma Günüsen

    Fatma Günüsen Cast

  15. Photo of Meltem Isk

    Meltem Isk Cast

  16. Photo of Jens Dittmar

    Jens Dittmar Cinematography

  17. Photo of Martin Gressmann

    Martin Gressmann Cinematography

  18. Photo of Elke Peters

    Elke Peters Producer

  19. Photo of Margot Neubert-Maric

    Margot Neubert-Maric Editing

  20. Photo of Ursula Roderjan

    Ursula Roderjan Editing