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  1. Photo of Jamil Dehlavi

    Jamil Dehlavi Director, Producer, Screenplay, Cinematography & 2 more
    Jamil Dehlavi Director, Producer, Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Cast

  2. Photo of Judy Van Hook

    Judy Van Hook Cast

  3. Photo of Jalal Khan

    Jalal Khan Cast

  4. Photo of Ajaz Ahmed

    Ajaz Ahmed Cast

  5. Photo of Zahoor Ahmad

    Zahoor Ahmad Cast

  6. Photo of Zakir Changezi

    Zakir Changezi Cast

  7. Photo of Abdul Abid

    Abdul Abid Cast

  8. Photo of Akbar Chalcal

    Akbar Chalcal Cast

  9. Photo of Omar Daraz

    Omar Daraz Cast

  10. Photo of Abdul Kabuli

    Abdul Kabuli Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Klunis

    Tom Klunis Cast

  12. Photo of Miriam Goldina

    Miriam Goldina Cast

  13. Photo of Tomejo Trujillo

    Tomejo Trujillo Cast

  14. Photo of Anthony Zaza

    Anthony Zaza Cinematography

  15. Photo of Haim Callev

    Haim Callev Sound

  16. Photo of Michael Ioles

    Michael Ioles Sound

  17. Photo of Naseem Shamsi

    Naseem Shamsi Sound

  18. Photo of Mariam

    Mariam Costume Design