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  1. Photo of Frank Beyer

    Frank Beyer Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erik Neutsch

    Erik Neutsch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karl-Georg Egel

    Karl-Georg Egel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manfred Krug

    Manfred Krug Cast

  5. Photo of Krystyna Stypulkowska

    Krystyna Stypulkowska Cast

  6. Photo of Jutta Hoffmann

    Jutta Hoffmann Cast

  7. Photo of Eberhard Esche

    Eberhard Esche Cast

  8. Photo of Johannes Wieke

    Johannes Wieke Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Richter-Reinick

    Walter Richter-Reinick Cast

  10. Photo of Hans-Peter Minetti

    Hans-Peter Minetti Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Jupé

    Walter Jupé Cast

  12. Photo of Ingeborg Schumacher

    Ingeborg Schumacher Cast

  13. Photo of Gertrud Brendler

    Gertrud Brendler Cast

  14. Photo of Helga Göring

    Helga Göring Cast

  15. Photo of Erich Mirek

    Erich Mirek Cast

  16. Photo of Fred Ludwig

    Fred Ludwig Cast

  17. Photo of Helmut Schreiber

    Helmut Schreiber Cast

  18. Photo of Erik Veldre

    Erik Veldre Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Brenk

    Karl Brenk Cast

  20. Photo of Hans-Peter Reinicke

    Hans-Peter Reinicke Cast

  21. Photo of Detlef Eisner

    Detlef Eisner Cast

  22. Photo of Günter Marczinkowsky

    Günter Marczinkowsky Cinematography

  23. Photo of Wolfram Heicking

    Wolfram Heicking Music

  24. Photo of Harald Horn

    Harald Horn Production Design

  25. Photo of Hildegard Conrad

    Hildegard Conrad Editing

  26. Photo of Werner Dibowski

    Werner Dibowski Sound