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  1. lostlevel's rating of the film Tracks

    Mia Wasikowska is always great but this performance really got to me more than I expected. Maybe it is her ability with her ability to convey more with her face than some actors can with entire monologues, or perhaps the source material or the landscapes or cinematography. Either way I'll take it, very much recommended.

  2. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Tracks

    The cinematography is beautiful. But why does Curran not trust in his own abilities to handle the visuals but uses a characterless Muzak-like score to ruin their impact? The music made large parts of the film unbearable for me.

  3. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Tracks

  4. Laura G.'s rating of the film Tracks

    In loneliness you find your true self.

  5. auloel's rating of the film Tracks

  6. Hippie Anime Trash's rating of the film Tracks

  7. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Tracks

    ...and where are the motivations for her journey?...and who is she?...and why on the name of god she needs 3 camel?

  8. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Tracks

    A two hour commercial for the National Geographic magazine. Appalling.

  9. Setya Rahmah's rating of the film Tracks

    A deeply astonishing from Wasikowska. LUMER!

  10. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Tracks

    Gorgeous cinematography and Mia Wasikowska's outstanding performance

  11. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Tracks

  12. lepetitjermey's rating of the film Tracks

    reese witherspoon + camels

  13. Corriel's rating of the film Tracks

    Great true story in this beautiful, very good and deeply touching film. (4.5)

  14. kris's rating of the film Tracks

    4.5 I liked that for her it was about getting away from everything. She did something amazing and the film is very touching. It also shows a great connection between us and animals, some of her best friends on this journey.

  15. jooley's rating of the film Tracks

    Understated, sublimely acted and with a photographic quality that draws you in even as the action hits a dry spell (pun intended). Robyn's dogged pursuit of solitude will be relatable to some and offputting to others, but regardless, I think the picture makes you get this person and the appeal of what she's looking for, without spelling it out. Particularly moving if you've ever bonded with an animal.

  16. muh.'s rating of the film Tracks

    the story is fascinating and just makes me think how ill-equipped with audacity and grit i am but the movie doesn't seem to delve deeper into any character causing it to feel shamelessly flat. it's too superficial with unexplored characters sliding over the scenery like shadows. or perhaps the main character is the ruthless australia showing us that we are all just mere blips on the radar.

  17. Freddie's rating of the film Tracks

    Very good. The BD looks fantastic!

  18. Huey McEvoy's rating of the film Tracks

    Oddly underwhelming. Atmospheric and beautiful - this shit photographs itself - but I don't feel we ever get under Robyn's skin, despite multiple flashbacks. Rick says at one point, "I think you don't like people", but we never understand why, so it's hard to will her towards both her geographical and mental destinations. 'Wild' (2014) does a far better job in projecting its protagonist's motivations.

  19. Teresa Silva's rating of the film Tracks

    I was sick of carrying around the self-indulgent negativity that was so much the malaise of my generation, my sex and my class.

  20. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Tracks

    Un lavoro buono e coraggioso,che però non riesce a centrare in pieno il bersaglio.Le ambientazioni meritano alla grande e la luce e la fotografia esaltano il tutto,ma la protagonista è troppo astrusa e indisponente e quindi non crea empatia,questione fondamentale in un lavoro del genere affinchè si comprenda il senso del viaggio(alla Into the Wild).Sembra troppo chiuso,ma forse era lo scopo del regista. A metà. 3*

  21. Droog811's rating of the film Tracks

    Interesting true story about Robyn Davidson's 1700 mile trek across the Australian Outback. Mia Wasikowska is great as the lead and Adam Driver, not pulling any of his regular Driverisms with his acting, is also quite good as the photographer that accompanies her.

  22. J. O.'s rating of the film Tracks

    Fine performances in breathtaking locations, all captured quite elegantly. Mia's performance in particular is quite internal and subtle, but never loses its power or its fire. Main criticism is Curran's choice to ignore Robyn's mind (and its degradation), predominantly during the first two acts. All around beautiful production - even stunning, at times.

  23. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Tracks

    Mia Wasikowska is astounding. By far one of her best performances.

  24. Quesera,sera's rating of the film Tracks

    leave all unnecessary things, struggle ur dream

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