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  1. Photo of Joe May

    Joe May Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Leo Birinsky

    Leo Birinsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adolf Lantz

    Adolf Lantz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mia May

    Mia May Cast

  5. Photo of Emil Jannings

    Emil Jannings Cast

  6. Photo of Erika Glässner

    Erika Glässner Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Gajdarov

    Vladimir Gajdarov Cast

  8. Photo of Charlotte Ander

    Charlotte Ander Cast

  9. Photo of Irmgard Bern

    Irmgard Bern Cast

  10. Photo of Hedwig Pauly-Winterstein

    Hedwig Pauly-Winterstein Cast

  11. Photo of Ida Wüst

    Ida Wüst Cast

  12. Photo of Rudolf Forster

    Rudolf Forster Cast

  13. Photo of Curt Goetz

    Curt Goetz Cast

  14. Photo of Guido Herzfeld

    Guido Herzfeld Cast

  15. Photo of Arnold Korff

    Arnold Korff Cast

  16. Photo of Eugen Rex

    Eugen Rex Cast

  17. Photo of Hermann Vallentin

    Hermann Vallentin Cast

  18. Photo of Kurt Vespermann

    Kurt Vespermann Cast

  19. Photo of Marlene Dietrich

    Marlene Dietrich Cast

  20. Photo of Loni Nest

    Loni Nest Cast

  21. Photo of Lena Amsel

    Lena Amsel Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Biensfeldt

    Paul Biensfeldt Cast

  23. Photo of Karl Gerhardt

    Karl Gerhardt Cast

  24. Photo of Albert Patry

    Albert Patry Cast

  25. Photo of Paul Graetz

    Paul Graetz Cast

  26. Photo of Ferry Sikla

    Ferry Sikla Cast

  27. Photo of Ernst Gronau

    Ernst Gronau Cast

  28. Photo of Hans Kuhnert

    Hans Kuhnert Cast

  29. Photo of Hans Wassmann

    Hans Wassmann Cast

  30. Photo of Rudolf Lettinger

    Rudolf Lettinger Cast

  31. Photo of Fritz Richard

    Fritz Richard Cast

  32. Photo of Karl Platen

    Karl Platen Cinematography

  33. Photo of Sophus Wangøe

    Sophus Wangøe Cinematography

  34. Photo of Wilhelm Löwitt

    Wilhelm Löwitt Music

  35. Photo of Rudolf Sieber

    Rudolf Sieber Producer