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  1. Photo of Radu Mihăileanu

    Radu Mihăileanu Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Laurent Moussard

    Laurent Moussard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Johan Leysen

    Johan Leysen Cast

  4. Photo of Alexandru Repan

    Alexandru Repan Cast

  5. Photo of Mireille Perrier

    Mireille Perrier Cast

  6. Photo of Răzvan Vasilescu

    Răzvan Vasilescu Cast

  7. Photo of Maia Morgenstern

    Maia Morgenstern Cast

  8. Photo of Radu Beligan

    Radu Beligan Cast

  9. Photo of Danielle Hugues

    Danielle Hugues Cast

  10. Photo of Olga Bucataru

    Olga Bucataru Cast

  11. Photo of Silviu Stanculescu

    Silviu Stanculescu Cast

  12. Photo of Laurent Dailland

    Laurent Dailland Cinematography

  13. Photo of Temistocle Popa

    Temistocle Popa Music

  14. Photo of Christian Niculescu

    Christian Niculescu Production Design

  15. Photo of Sylvain Bursztejn

    Sylvain Bursztejn Producer

  16. Photo of Eliane Stutterheim

    Eliane Stutterheim Producer

  17. Photo of Catherine Quesemand

    Catherine Quesemand Editing

  18. Photo of Jean-Pierre Laforce

    Jean-Pierre Laforce Sound

  19. Photo of Dominique Warnier

    Dominique Warnier Sound