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  1. Photo of José Luis Guerín

    José Luis Guerín Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jessica Andrieu

    Jessica Andrieu Cast

  3. Photo of Anne-Céline Auché

    Anne-Céline Auché Cast

  4. Photo of Juliette Gautier

    Juliette Gautier Cast

  5. Photo of Marc Montserrat

    Marc Montserrat Cast

  6. Photo of Ivon Orvain

    Ivon Orvain Cast

  7. Photo of Céline Laurent

    Céline Laurent Cast

  8. Photo of Simone Mercier

    Simone Mercier Cast

  9. Photo of Carlos Romagosa

    Carlos Romagosa Cast

  10. Photo of Lola Besses

    Lola Besses Cast

  11. Photo of Tomàs Pladevall

    Tomàs Pladevall Cinematography

  12. Photo of Rosa Ros

    Rosa Ros Production Design

  13. Photo of Isabel Caellas

    Isabel Caellas Production Design

  14. Photo of Héctor Fáver

    Héctor Fáver Producer

  15. Photo of Juan Antoni Gonzalez

    Juan Antoni Gonzalez Producer

  16. Photo of Pere Portabella

    Pere Portabella Producer

  17. Photo of Manel Almiñana

    Manel Almiñana Editing

  18. Photo of Dani Fontrodona

    Dani Fontrodona Sound