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  1. Photo of Danny Boyle

    Danny Boyle Director

  2. Photo of John Hodge

    John Hodge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Irvine Welsh

    Irvine Welsh Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Ewan McGregor

    Ewan McGregor Cast

  5. Photo of Ewen Bremner

    Ewen Bremner Cast

  6. Photo of Jonny Lee Miller

    Jonny Lee Miller Cast

  7. Photo of Kevin McKidd

    Kevin McKidd Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Carlyle

    Robert Carlyle Cast

  9. Photo of Kelly Macdonald

    Kelly Macdonald Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Mullan

    Peter Mullan Cast

  11. Photo of James Cosmo

    James Cosmo Cast

  12. Photo of Eileen Nicholas

    Eileen Nicholas Cast

  13. Photo of Susan Vidler

    Susan Vidler Cast

  14. Photo of Pauline Lynch

    Pauline Lynch Cast

  15. Photo of Shirley Henderson

    Shirley Henderson Cast

  16. Photo of Stuart McQuarrie

    Stuart McQuarrie Cast

  17. Photo of Dale Winton

    Dale Winton Cast

  18. Photo of Keith Allen

    Keith Allen Cast

  19. Photo of Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen Cast

  20. Photo of Annie Louise Ross

    Annie Louise Ross Cast

  21. Photo of Billy Riddoch

    Billy Riddoch Cast

  22. Photo of Fiona Bell

    Fiona Bell Cast

  23. Photo of Vincent Friell

    Vincent Friell Cast

  24. Photo of Hugh Ross

    Hugh Ross Cast

  25. Photo of Victor Eadie

    Victor Eadie Cast

  26. Photo of Kate Donnelly

    Kate Donnelly Cast

  27. Photo of Finlay Welsh

    Finlay Welsh Cast

  28. Photo of Eddie Nestor

    Eddie Nestor Cast

  29. Photo of Brian Tufano

    Brian Tufano Cinematography

  30. Photo of Kave Quinn

    Kave Quinn Production Design

  31. Photo of Andrew Macdonald

    Andrew Macdonald Producer

  32. Photo of Masahiro Hirakubo

    Masahiro Hirakubo Editing