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  1. Ostermyers's rating of the film Trap Street

    The last plan will haunt me forever.

  2. Mike Archibald's rating of the film Trap Street

    Great story. Qu knows just how to frame her characters against background, building a sense of vague menace into her mise en scene and making it seem like everyday life in contemporary China. There are some awkward bumps in the editing--weird omissions, clumsy transitions--that work against the vibe of steadily escalating tension, as does the mellow overall tone. Still, a promising debut.

  3. bennievermeer's rating of the film Trap Street

    Did Vivian Qu, writer and director of 'Trap Street' ('Shui Yinjie', 2014) ever read Kafka's 'The Castle'? For the premise of her chilling paranoia thriller - a young surveyor gets caught up in sinister state machinations without ever finding out exactly why - fits the archetype of 'The Castle' perfectly. Read my full review:

  4. InsertOzuReferencehere's rating of the film Trap Street