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  1. Photo of Jacques Bourdon

    Jacques Bourdon Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Liebeneiner

    Wolfgang Liebeneiner Director

  3. Photo of Georges Neveux

    Georges Neveux Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Ulbrich

    Walter Ulbrich Screenplay and Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Robert Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson Novel

  6. Photo of Henry Deutschmeister

    Henry Deutschmeister Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Robert Paillardon

    Robert Paillardon Producer

  8. Photo of Jan Hanus

    Jan Hanus Music

  9. Photo of Lubos Sluka

    Lubos Sluka Music

  10. Photo of Roger Fellous

    Roger Fellous Cinematography

  11. Photo of Guy Suzuki

    Guy Suzuki Cinematography

  12. Photo of Viktor Lamy

    Viktor Lamy Editing

  13. Photo of Ferdinand Sartin

    Ferdinand Sartin Editing

  14. Photo of Jacques Paris

    Jacques Paris Production Design

  15. Photo of Michael Ande

    Michael Ande Cast

  16. Photo of Ivor Dean

    Ivor Dean Cast

  17. Photo of Georges Riquier

    Georges Riquier Cast

  18. Photo of Jacques Dacqmine

    Jacques Dacqmine Cast

  19. Photo of Jacques Monod

    Jacques Monod Cast

  20. Photo of Dante Maggio

    Dante Maggio Cast

  21. Photo of Ilsemarie Schnering

    Ilsemarie Schnering Cast

  22. Photo of Jacques Godin

    Jacques Godin Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Mauvais

    Jean Mauvais Cast

  24. Photo of Jean Saudray

    Jean Saudray Cast

  25. Photo of Sylvain Levignac

    Sylvain Levignac Cast

  26. Photo of Fran├žois Darbon

    Fran├žois Darbon Cast