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  1. Photo of John Hough

    John Hough Director

  2. Photo of Andrea Bianchi

    Andrea Bianchi Director

  3. Photo of Robert Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Antonio Margheriti

    Antonio Margheriti Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Orson Welles

    Orson Welles Screenplay and Cast

  6. Photo of Gérard Vergez

    Gérard Vergez Screenplay

  7. Photo of Wolf Mankowitz

    Wolf Mankowitz Screenplay

  8. Photo of Hubert Frank

    Hubert Frank Screenplay

  9. Photo of Kim Burfield

    Kim Burfield Cast

  10. Photo of Lionel Stander

    Lionel Stander Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Slezak

    Walter Slezak Cast

  12. Photo of Ángel del Pozo

    Ángel del Pozo Cast

  13. Photo of Rik Battaglia

    Rik Battaglia Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Rohm

    Maria Rohm Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Muller

    Paul Muller Cast

  16. Photo of Jean Lefebvre

    Jean Lefebvre Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Garland

    Michel Garland Cast

  18. Photo of Aldo Sambrell

    Aldo Sambrell Cast

  19. Photo of Adolfo Thous

    Adolfo Thous Cast

  20. Photo of José Luis Chinchilla

    José Luis Chinchilla Cast

  21. Photo of Víctor Israel

    Víctor Israel Cast

  22. Photo of José Jaspe

    José Jaspe Cast

  23. Photo of Barta Barri

    Barta Barri Cast

  24. Photo of Cristino Almodovar

    Cristino Almodovar Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Rietty

    Robert Rietty Cast

  26. Photo of Cecilio Paniagua

    Cecilio Paniagua Cinematography

  27. Photo of Natale Massara

    Natale Massara Music

  28. Photo of Frank White

    Frank White Production Design

  29. Photo of Artur Brauner

    Artur Brauner Producer

  30. Photo of Harry Alan Towers

    Harry Alan Towers Producer

  31. Photo of François de Lannurien

    François de Lannurien Producer

  32. Photo of Andrés Vicente Gómez

    Andrés Vicente Gómez Producer

  33. Photo of Luis Bermejo Carrión

    Luis Bermejo Carrión Producer

  34. Photo of George Davis

    George Davis Producer

  35. Photo of Nicholas Wentworth

    Nicholas Wentworth Editing