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  1. Photo of John Musker

    John Musker Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Robert Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rob Edwards

    Rob Edwards Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ted Elliott

    Ted Elliott Screenplay

  5. Photo of Terry Rossio

    Terry Rossio Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast

  7. Photo of Brian Murray

    Brian Murray Cast

  8. Photo of Laurie Metcalf

    Laurie Metcalf Cast

  9. Photo of Patrick McGoohan

    Patrick McGoohan Cast

  10. Photo of Roscoe Lee Browne

    Roscoe Lee Browne Cast

  11. Photo of David Hyde Pierce

    David Hyde Pierce Cast

  12. Photo of James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard Music

  13. Photo of Frank Nissen

    Frank Nissen Production Design

  14. Photo of Steven Olds

    Steven Olds Production Design

  15. Photo of Andy Gaskill

    Andy Gaskill Production Design

  16. Photo of Roy Conli

    Roy Conli Producer

  17. Photo of Ron Clements

    Ron Clements Producer, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly Editing

  19. Photo of Glen Keane

    Glen Keane Animation

  20. Photo of Ken Duncan

    Ken Duncan Animation

  21. Photo of John Pomeroy

    John Pomeroy Animation

  22. Photo of Michael Show

    Michael Show Animation

  23. Photo of Oskar Urretabizkaia

    Oskar Urretabizkaia Animation

  24. Photo of Sergio Pablos

    Sergio Pablos Animation

  25. Photo of Jared Beckstrand

    Jared Beckstrand Animation

  26. Photo of Nancy Beiman

    Nancy Beiman Animation

  27. Photo of Julia Evershade

    Julia Evershade Animation

  28. Photo of T. Daniel Hofstedt

    T. Daniel Hofstedt Animation

  29. Photo of Adam Dykstra

    Adam Dykstra Animation

  30. Photo of Ellen Woodbury

    Ellen Woodbury Animation