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  1. Photo of Frigyes Bán

    Frigyes Bán Director

  2. Photo of Ági Mészáros

    Ági Mészáros Cast

  3. Photo of Ádám Szirtes

    Ádám Szirtes Cast

  4. Photo of Viola Orbán

    Viola Orbán Cast

  5. Photo of László Bánhidi

    László Bánhidi Cast

  6. Photo of Elemér Baló

    Elemér Baló Cast

  7. Photo of István Egri

    István Egri Cast

  8. Photo of Zoltán Makláry

    Zoltán Makláry Cast

  9. Photo of Lajos Mányai

    Lajos Mányai Cast

  10. Photo of Tibor Molnár

    Tibor Molnár Cast

  11. Photo of Sándor Pécsi

    Sándor Pécsi Cast

  12. Photo of György Solthy

    György Solthy Cast

  13. Photo of Imre Soós

    Imre Soós Cast

  14. Photo of Benö Tamás

    Benö Tamás Cast

  15. Photo of Árpád Makay

    Árpád Makay Cast