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Ratings & Reviews

  1. David Grillo's rating of the film Tree Without Leaves

    A remembrance of a pattern in our life that only becomes visible after years go by. Occasionally it feels as if the film is keeping us at a distance or our central characters may feel like silent observers but soon you realize what you are watching is life passing you by.

  2. patchwork's rating of the film Tree Without Leaves

    Desolante storia di un disallestimento familiare. Solita impeccabile eleganza formale asiatica, echi di ozu e di nouvelle vague, un grande personaggio femminile (la madre, controbilanciata da un padre al limite dell'autistico), una lieve morbosità nei rapporti tutta giapponese, qualche imperfezione qua e là, un bel finale simbolico.

  3. Jup4rkov's rating of the film Tree Without Leaves

    Sad and Beautiful at the same time, great movie!! I almost cry