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  1. Photo of Herbert Wise

    Herbert Wise Director

  2. Photo of Arthur Wing Pinero

    Arthur Wing Pinero Play

  3. Photo of John Alderton

    John Alderton Cast

  4. Photo of Graham Crowden

    Graham Crowden Cast

  5. Photo of Roland Culver

    Roland Culver Cast

  6. Photo of Lally Bowers

    Lally Bowers Cast

  7. Photo of Anthony Ainley

    Anthony Ainley Cast

  8. Photo of Elaine Taylor

    Elaine Taylor Cast

  9. Photo of Rachel Kempson

    Rachel Kempson Cast

  10. Photo of Ian Ogilvy

    Ian Ogilvy Cast

  11. Photo of Moira Redmond

    Moira Redmond Cast

  12. Photo of Lila Kaye

    Lila Kaye Cast

  13. Photo of Elizabeth Seal

    Elizabeth Seal Cast

  14. Photo of Cedric Messina

    Cedric Messina Producer