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  1. Photo of Michael Tuchner

    Michael Tuchner Director

  2. Photo of Jeffrey Price

    Jeffrey Price Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter S. Seaman

    Peter S. Seaman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Margot Kidder

    Margot Kidder Cast

  5. Photo of Robert Hays

    Robert Hays Cast

  6. Photo of Gila von Weitershausen

    Gila von Weitershausen Cast

  7. Photo of Daniel Faraldo

    Daniel Faraldo Cast

  8. Photo of Ronald Lacey

    Ronald Lacey Cast

  9. Photo of John Justin

    John Justin Cast

  10. Photo of Pauline Delaney

    Pauline Delaney Cast

  11. Photo of P.G. Stephens

    P.G. Stephens Cast

  12. Photo of Leopoldo Trieste

    Leopoldo Trieste Cast

  13. Photo of Brizio Montinaro

    Brizio Montinaro Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Sorrentino

    Martin Sorrentino Cast

  15. Photo of Luciano Crovato

    Luciano Crovato Cast

  16. Photo of Massimo Sarchielli

    Massimo Sarchielli Cast

  17. Photo of Jennifer Darling

    Jennifer Darling Cast

  18. Photo of Kevork Malikyan

    Kevork Malikyan Cast

  19. Photo of Vic Tablian

    Vic Tablian Cast

  20. Photo of Brian Coburn

    Brian Coburn Cast

  21. Photo of Fifi Moyer

    Fifi Moyer Cast

  22. Photo of Marcello Krakoff

    Marcello Krakoff Cast

  23. Photo of Philip Alexander

    Philip Alexander Cast

  24. Photo of Brian Eubanks

    Brian Eubanks Cast

  25. Photo of Saviour Tanti

    Saviour Tanti Cast

  26. Photo of Nadine Azzopardi

    Nadine Azzopardi Cast

  27. Photo of Emanuel Abela

    Emanuel Abela Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Saliba

    Charles Saliba Cast

  29. Photo of Benny Farrugia

    Benny Farrugia Cast

  30. Photo of Margaret von Brockdorff

    Margaret von Brockdorff Cast

  31. Photo of Ruth Borthwick

    Ruth Borthwick Cast

  32. Photo of Freda Camilleri

    Freda Camilleri Cast

  33. Photo of Lilly Harding

    Lilly Harding Cast

  34. Photo of Narcy Calamatta

    Narcy Calamatta Cast

  35. Photo of Anthony Spiteri

    Anthony Spiteri Cast

  36. Photo of Joe Quattromani

    Joe Quattromani Cast

  37. Photo of Eddie Baldacchino

    Eddie Baldacchino Cast

  38. Photo of Joe Coppini

    Joe Coppini Cast

  39. Photo of Harry Jones

    Harry Jones Cast

  40. Photo of Michael Kissaun

    Michael Kissaun Cast

  41. Photo of Charles Darmanin

    Charles Darmanin Cast

  42. Photo of Joe Abela

    Joe Abela Cast

  43. Photo of David Suchet

    David Suchet Cast

  44. Photo of Anna Cachia

    Anna Cachia Cast

  45. Photo of Tonino Delli Colli

    Tonino Delli Colli Cinematography

  46. Photo of Charles Fox

    Charles Fox Music

  47. Photo of John B. Mansbridge

    John B. Mansbridge Production Design

  48. Photo of Rodger Maus

    Rodger Maus Production Design

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