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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Trick

    1-2. Honestly, pretty abysmal. There's exactly one sexy scene, and a handful of moments that stand out. But once the characters start attempting to hook up, there's just an endless parade of characters stalling the ending by chattering on obnoxiously, with the narrative all over the place (the climax centers on the friend for some reason). There are better movies to scratch the fanservice itch than this one.

  2. Vincent T's rating of the film Trick

    This was…. how many years ago? I remember the burger&fries scene was somewhat entertaining.

  3. dario's rating of the film Trick

    There is a 5 min scene in the gay bar restroom with Coco Peru that makes this film worth watching. The rest is just unentertaining.