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  1. Photo of Frank Perry

    Frank Perry Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Eleanor Perry

    Eleanor Perry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joseph C. Brun

    Joseph C. Brun Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jordan Cronenweth

    Jordan Cronenweth Cinematography

  5. Photo of Conrad L. Hall

    Conrad L. Hall Cinematography

  6. Photo of Vincent Saizis

    Vincent Saizis Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ralph Rosenblum

    Ralph Rosenblum Editing

  8. Photo of Gene Callahan

    Gene Callahan Production Design

  9. Photo of Peter Dohanos

    Peter Dohanos Production Design

  10. Photo of Meyer Kupferman

    Meyer Kupferman Music

  11. Photo of Geraldine Page

    Geraldine Page Cast

  12. Photo of Josip Elic

    Josip Elic Cast

  13. Photo of Win Forman

    Win Forman Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  15. Photo of Truman Capote

    Truman Capote Cast and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Maureen Stapleton

    Maureen Stapleton Cast

  17. Photo of Mildred Natwick

    Mildred Natwick Cast