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Ratings & Reviews

  1. poppy anggia utami putri's rating of the film Trishna

    i don't condemn what trishna did to jay after his treatment to her (the kamasutra line though) also riz ahmed was hot as hell and freida pinto? i want to marry her

  2. Justepourmesouveniraprès's rating of the film Trishna

    Ça ma tenu bien intéressé du début à la fin, quand j'ai conclu que ce n'est pas un grand film, mais pas du tout mauvais. Nous avons un regard et une mise en scène très occidentales qui, malgré tout, font une belle plongée dans quelques aspects de la culture indienne, ses conflits et ses contrastes. Même si l'histoire est clichée, elle est bien filmée; il y a pal mal de suggestions (pas trop d'affirmations), j'aime ça

  3. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Trishna

    In Kamasutra there are only 3 women to make love to: the maid, the courtesan, the single. Saying this to Trishna, Jay positioned their relationship & thus warned, she should have left as she did before. Dans le Kamasutra il n'y a que 3 femmes à qui faire l'amour: la servante, la courtisane, la célibataire. En disant ça a Trishna, Jay positionnait leur relation. Ainsi avertie, elle aurait du partir comme par le passé.

  4. PhKa's rating of the film Trishna

    Terrible ! Un peu littéral dans la mise en scène qui à mon goût est un peu tape à l'oeil, particulièrement le montage qui multiplie les belles images sans jamais prendre le temps de s'attarder. Cela dit une belle plongée dans l'Inde et ses contrastes.

  5. azoulay's rating of the film Trishna

    Si le début du film est comme l'Inde chatoyant, multiple, esthétique et vivant on déchante assez vite pour se retrouver dans une histoire glauque, ringarde et sans interêt ou l'invraisemblable côtoie un pathos convenu.

  6. Claire C's rating of the film Trishna

    Stunning music and cinematography.

  7. chloe's rating of the film Trishna

    very watcheable but not a great film. It wasn't a tragic love story but in some ways a realistic look at privilege and power relations- a rich man uses his wealth to get a girl who can't afford to say no. some nice shots of India although through very British/Western eyes.

  8. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Trishna

  9. Annie Gentil-Kraatz's rating of the film Trishna

    Not sure how Trishna learnt how to speak English in this remote village but I loved this film - Great mix of modern and more traditional India and amasingly beautiful music both western and Indian...

  10. Graham Duncan Hill's rating of the film Trishna

    Freida Pinto gave a great performance. No one else did though except the scene with Roshan Seth which I liked. The story didn't really hold together and the characters didn't feel well developed, namely Riz Ahmed's character. The soundtrack was very good and the cinematography and art direction were brilliant.

  11. Matt Richards's rating of the film Trishna

    Great performances in this at times heavy-handed examination of a tragic romance that spans the rich/poor/caste divide in present day India. Beautifully shot it certainly succeeded in making me wish to visit. The performance from lead actress Freida Pinto is captivating and the greatest strength of the film. 3 stars