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  1. Photo of Leni Riefenstahl

    Leni Riefenstahl Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Walter Ruttmann

    Walter Ruttmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler Cast

  4. Photo of Hermann Göring

    Hermann Göring Cast

  5. Photo of Josef Goebbels

    Josef Goebbels Cast

  6. Photo of Rudolf Hess

    Rudolf Hess Cast

  7. Photo of Reinhard Heydrich

    Reinhard Heydrich Cast

  8. Photo of Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler Cast

  9. Photo of Max Amann

    Max Amann Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Buch

    Walter Buch Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Darré

    Walter Darré Cast

  12. Photo of Otto Dietrich

    Otto Dietrich Cast

  13. Photo of Sepp Dietrich

    Sepp Dietrich Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Frank

    Hans Frank Cast

  15. Photo of Jakob Grimminger

    Jakob Grimminger Cast

  16. Photo of Konstantin Hierl

    Konstantin Hierl Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Ley

    Robert Ley Cast

  18. Photo of Viktor Lutze

    Viktor Lutze Cast

  19. Photo of Ludwig Müller

    Ludwig Müller Cast

  20. Photo of Erich Raeder

    Erich Raeder Cast

  21. Photo of Fritz Reinhardt

    Fritz Reinhardt Cast

  22. Photo of Alfred Rosenberg

    Alfred Rosenberg Cast

  23. Photo of Hjalmar Schacht

    Hjalmar Schacht Cast

  24. Photo of Franz Xaver Schwarz

    Franz Xaver Schwarz Cast

  25. Photo of Julius Streicher

    Julius Streicher Cast

  26. Photo of Fritz Todt

    Fritz Todt Cast

  27. Photo of Werner von Blomberg

    Werner von Blomberg Cast

  28. Photo of Hans Georg von Friedeburg

    Hans Georg von Friedeburg Cast

  29. Photo of Gerd von Rundstedt

    Gerd von Rundstedt Cast

  30. Photo of Baldur von Schirach

    Baldur von Schirach Cast

  31. Photo of Adolf Wagner

    Adolf Wagner Cast