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  1. Photo of Elaine Bogan

    Elaine Bogan Director

  2. Photo of Andrew L. Schmidt

    Andrew L. Schmidt Director

  3. Photo of Johane Matte

    Johane Matte Director

  4. Photo of Simon Otto

    Simon Otto Director

  5. Photo of Guillermo del Toro

    Guillermo del Toro Screenplay, Executive Producer Director

  6. Photo of Dan Hageman

    Dan Hageman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kevin Hageman

    Kevin Hageman Screenplay

  8. Photo of A.C. Bradley

    A.C. Bradley Screenplay

  9. Photo of Chad Quandt

    Chad Quandt Screenplay

  10. Photo of Aaron Waltke

    Aaron Waltke Screenplay

  11. Photo of Marc Guggenheim

    Marc Guggenheim Screenplay

  12. Photo of Anton Yelchin

    Anton Yelchin Voice

  13. Photo of Charlie Saxton

    Charlie Saxton Voice

  14. Photo of Kelsey Grammer

    Kelsey Grammer Voice

  15. Photo of Lexi Medrano

    Lexi Medrano Voice

  16. Photo of Fred Tatasciore

    Fred Tatasciore Voice

  17. Photo of Jonathan Hyde

    Jonathan Hyde Voice

  18. Photo of Victor Raider-Wexler

    Victor Raider-Wexler Voice

  19. Photo of Amy Landecker

    Amy Landecker Voice

  20. Photo of Steven Yeun

    Steven Yeun Voice

  21. Photo of Cole Sand

    Cole Sand Voice

  22. Photo of Ron Perlman

    Ron Perlman Voice

  23. Photo of Rodrigo Blaas

    Rodrigo Blaas Executive Producer, Screenplay Director