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  1. John Matrix's rating of the film TRON

    Every time I thought it had peaked Tron kept surprising me with more visual inventiveness. The digital world is beautifully realized and truly exciting to explore. Even the "real world" scenes are fun. The plot is pure Disney. It's the classic fantasy tale of the rogue warrior overthrowing a despotic regime. It's weakest point is, perhaps unexpectedly, not the CG graphics but the juvenile script.

  2. pluviosity's rating of the film TRON

    considering the year this movie made, the graphic imagination (and the effort to brought it to screen) was quite astonishing. But the scenario and the, those were AWFUL.

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film TRON

    A superb concept about being trapped in an advanced arcade game / supercomputer. It was the first film that mixed computer generated effects, traditional animation and live action into something unique and the universe we are introduced to here has never been copied. I like the mix of cold bleak color on the people in this universe and the suits of either blue (for the heroes) or red (for the bad guys).

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film TRON

    Une production Walt Disney qui reste une date dans l'histoire du cinéma par l'utilisation nouvelle de l'ordinateur dans la construction du scénario...

  5. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film TRON

  6. Samuel Righi's rating of the film TRON

  7. bryanvmh's rating of the film TRON

    This movie is actually pretty boring, if also pretty.

  8. letters never sent's rating of the film TRON

  9. Peter Jones's rating of the film TRON

    I thought I'd enjoy this but was sadly mistaken. Found myself bored and easily distracted at times due to the story and pace of the film. Perhaps deserves another viewing but won't rush back to it.

  10. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film TRON

  11. Andrew Miller's rating of the film TRON

    Intense, visceral, unreasoning nostalgia clouds my judgement of this film (and the arcade game, which I played for a decade, with zero skill).

  12. Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film TRON

    A milestone of the digital technology of its time, "Tron" is absolute fun and a nostalgic trip on how technology has evolved, succeeding as well by creating a world of its own, rarely seen somewhere else.

  13. anarresti's rating of the film TRON

    There is some level of merit in the time this came out. 1982 is 2 years before Neuromancer was published. Even if this is mainly fantasy and quite harmeless politically, it did invite everyone to pose questions when there was no reference for (and no way to visualise) what cyberspace could be. This went way beyond cybernetics. It worked mainly due to its simple powerfull aesthetic. It's a great visual achievement.

  14. maddening cloud's rating of the film TRON

    Terribly outdated and very unevenly paced.

  15. sadie's rating of the film TRON

    This has aged so badly, almost like Jean-Pierre Léaud. Screenwriting's close to demential. Three stars just because you have to, but it's impossible to rate this today. Jeff Bridges was SUCH as stud, tho.

  16. Swag Yolo's rating of the film TRON

    Tron's costum design is corny and laughable. The plot is poorly structured and confusing. I thought that the performances were really bad, when Jeff Bridges is in the real world he is ok, but when he is in the digital world, he tries to look like a robot or something and he miserably fails. So, on overall, Tron is not a good movie, but if you are in the mood to watch a sci-fi cult , you can appreciate it, like I did.

  17. tsanevas's rating of the film TRON

  18. Haraldihno's rating of the film TRON

  19. seakat's rating of the film TRON

    Uh...did anyone see the film Tron? No, no, no, no, no, yes...

  20. Luís Silva's rating of the film TRON

  21. salemsharp's rating of the film TRON

    i will always have a place in my heart for this one, ugh.

  22. Troy Savory's rating of the film TRON

    An interesting fact is that this wasn't allowed to be up for a special FX award as using computers was seen as cheating. The visuals still hold up even now with a respectful narrative and a great performance for Jeff Bridges. A visually pleasing film with strong characters, whats not to like?

  23. Jason Callen's rating of the film TRON

    The visuals actually hold up all right but the narrative is virtually incomprehensible. 2.5

  24. Natalie's rating of the film TRON

    Five stars for me on aesthetics alone, the scenes in the Grid are absolutely mesmerizing.

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