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  1. Photo of Koji Shima

    Koji Shima Director

  2. Photo of Lily Ho

    Lily Ho Cast

  3. Photo of Essie Lin Chia

    Essie Lin Chia Cast

  4. Photo of Lily Li

    Lily Li Cast

  5. Photo of Jimmy Lin Chong

    Jimmy Lin Chong Cast

  6. Photo of Chin Tien-chu

    Chin Tien-chu Cast

  7. Photo of Chu Chin

    Chu Chin Cast

  8. Photo of Ta Chi Chung

    Ta Chi Chung Cast

  9. Photo of Ho Li-Jen

    Ho Li-Jen Cast

  10. Photo of Hon Kwok Choi

    Hon Kwok Choi Cast

  11. Photo of Hsu Shao-Lin

    Hsu Shao-Lin Cast

  12. Photo of Lan Hsiao-lung

    Lan Hsiao-lung Cast

  13. Photo of Chiu Jun Lee

    Chiu Jun Lee Cast

  14. Photo of Chuh Yung Lin

    Chuh Yung Lin Cast

  15. Photo of Chi Lu

    Chi Lu Cast

  16. Photo of Ouyang Sha-fei

    Ouyang Sha-fei Cast