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  1. Photo of Jonathan Kaplan

    Jonathan Kaplan Director

  2. Photo of Paul Heller

    Paul Heller Producer

  3. Photo of Martin Hornstein

    Martin Hornstein Producer

  4. Photo of Fred Weintraub

    Fred Weintraub Producer

  5. Photo of Michael Allin

    Michael Allin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Leigh Chapman

    Leigh Chapman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jerry Wilkes

    Jerry Wilkes Screenplay

  8. Photo of Oscar Williams

    Oscar Williams Screenplay

  9. Photo of Charles F. Wheeler

    Charles F. Wheeler Cinematography

  10. Photo of Yaphet Kotto

    Yaphet Kotto Cast

  11. Photo of Clarence A. Barnes

    Clarence A. Barnes Cast

  12. Photo of Matthew 'Stymie' Beard

    Matthew 'Stymie' Beard Cast

  13. Photo of Annik Borel

    Annik Borel Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Kahn

    Michael Kahn Editing

  15. Photo of Isaac Hayes

    Isaac Hayes Music and Cast

  16. Photo of Alan Weeks

    Alan Weeks Cast

  17. Photo of Annazette Chase

    Annazette Chase Cast

  18. Photo of Nichelle Nichols

    Nichelle Nichols Cast

  19. Photo of Sam Laws

    Sam Laws Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Harris

    Paul Harris Cast

  21. Photo of Charles Cyphers

    Charles Cyphers Cast

  22. Photo of John Kramer

    John Kramer Cast

  23. Photo of Scatman Crothers

    Scatman Crothers Cast

  24. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  25. Photo of Bob Harris

    Bob Harris Cast

  26. Photo of Jac Emil

    Jac Emil Cast

  27. Photo of Stan Shaw

    Stan Shaw Cast

  28. Photo of Wendell Tucker

    Wendell Tucker Cast

  29. Photo of Clarence Barnes

    Clarence Barnes Cast

  30. Photo of Marvin Kerner

    Marvin Kerner Sound

  31. Photo of C. Darin Knight

    C. Darin Knight Sound