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  1. Photo of Viktor Tregubovich

    Viktor Tregubovich Director

  2. Photo of Edvin Laine

    Edvin Laine Director

  3. Photo of Vladlen Loginov

    Vladlen Loginov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mikhail Shatrov

    Mikhail Shatrov Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kirill Lavrov

    Kirill Lavrov Cast

  6. Photo of Vilho Siivola

    Vilho Siivola Cast

  7. Photo of Yrjö Tähtelä

    Yrjö Tähtelä Cast

  8. Photo of Yrjö Pavloff

    Yrjö Pavloff Cast

  9. Photo of Esa Saario

    Esa Saario Cast

  10. Photo of Jarno Hiilloskorpi

    Jarno Hiilloskorpi Cast

  11. Photo of Matti Ranin

    Matti Ranin Cast

  12. Photo of Jussi Jurkka

    Jussi Jurkka Cast

  13. Photo of Eero Salmi

    Eero Salmi Cast

  14. Photo of Olavi Tuomi

    Olavi Tuomi Cast

  15. Photo of Margarita Terekhova

    Margarita Terekhova Cast

  16. Photo of Antonina Shuranova

    Antonina Shuranova Cast

  17. Photo of Igor Dmitriev

    Igor Dmitriev Cast

  18. Photo of Vladimir Tatosov

    Vladimir Tatosov Cast

  19. Photo of Dmitriy Meskhiev

    Dmitriy Meskhiev Cinematography

  20. Photo of Georgi Sviridov

    Georgi Sviridov Music

  21. Photo of Grachya Mekinyan

    Grachya Mekinyan Production Design

  22. Photo of Jorma Lindfors

    Jorma Lindfors Production Design

  23. Photo of Margarita Shadrina

    Margarita Shadrina Editing