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  1. Photo of Boris Lehman

    Boris Lehman Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Nathalie André

    Nathalie André Self

  3. Photo of Christian Boltanski

    Christian Boltanski Self

  4. Photo of Roman Opalka

    Roman Opalka Self

  5. Photo of Johan van der Keuken

    Johan van der Keuken Self

  6. Photo of Gérard Courant

    Gérard Courant Self

  7. Photo of John Cage

    John Cage Self

  8. Photo of Mirèze Aerts

    Mirèze Aerts Self

  9. Photo of Jean et Serge Gagné

    Jean et Serge Gagné Self

  10. Photo of Armand Vaillancourt

    Armand Vaillancourt Self

  11. Photo of Loïs Siegel

    Loïs Siegel Self

  12. Photo of Luc Courchèsnes

    Luc Courchèsnes Self

  13. Photo of Robert Daudelin

    Robert Daudelin Self

  14. Photo of Marie Chouinard

    Marie Chouinard Self

  15. Photo of Pierre Hébert

    Pierre Hébert Self

  16. Photo of Jozef Robakowski

    Jozef Robakowski Self

  17. Photo of Rachel Fajersztajn

    Rachel Fajersztajn Self

  18. Photo of Evgen Bavcar

    Evgen Bavcar Self

  19. Photo of Gilles Groulx

    Gilles Groulx Self

  20. Photo of Cécile Zervudacki

    Cécile Zervudacki Self

  21. Photo of Real Capuano

    Real Capuano Self

  22. Photo of Guy Borremans

    Guy Borremans Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jacques Leduc

    Jacques Leduc Cinematography

  24. Photo of Antoine-Marie Meert

    Antoine-Marie Meert Cinematography

  25. Photo of Daniel De Valck

    Daniel De Valck Editing

  26. Photo of Ariane Mellet

    Ariane Mellet Editing

  27. Photo of Henri Morelle

    Henri Morelle Sound

  28. Photo of Pierre Bertrand

    Pierre Bertrand Sound

  29. Photo of Jacques Dapoz

    Jacques Dapoz Sound