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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dalibor's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Not a single scene, if any frame, is left without an eerie sense of something utmost important and morally engaging just taking place. Whether it's a half-mute protagonist projecting his whole miserable life into a memory of a beaten childhood dog, or a little less mute teenage drunk patronizing about decency for whatever reason. A lot was hinted, even more supposedly pictured, but not a thing explored.

  2. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Un racconto emotivamente impattante, tinto dei colori caldi africani. Ben narrata l'improvvisata e goffa paternità di Tsotsi, grazie ad una bella fotografia e buoni spunti di direzione, il tutto sbilanciato però da delle performance recitative non proprio brillanti. Questa semisconosciuta chicca sudafricana dà, nonostante tutto, lezioni di cinema ad un sacco di film patinati e sedicenti artisti di più nota nomea.

  3. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Some good performances but ultimately clichéd and overwritten. Gavin Hood is ultimately somewhat of a hack.

  4. Jefferson's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Heavy. The desperation to be bigger than you are, to show no weakness.

  5. naokoken's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Solid story. Tostsi asks the old beggar in the wheel chair "Why do you go on when you live like a dog?". He says that he can still feel the sun on his skin. The transition of the camera shots and the pacing was great.

  6. David R Williams's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Powerful performances and beautiful cinematography manage to offset the cliched storyline. The transition from psychopathic street thug to redeemed by baby is far too abrupt to be believable, but if you get can past that, a decent - if as said cliched - film.

  7. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Tsotsi

    An unadorned look at troubled youth in Capetown. Not only did it illustrate a part of South Africa I hadn't seen before but it painted a very human portrait of a thug (a tsotsi) who has to get by on his wits and of an upper class black family that can somehow relate. What I liked most was how it didn't show some great character shift af the end. Tsotsi is still a troubled thug, and the shanty life defines him.

  8. Ben Loory's rating of the film Tsotsi

    powerful and well-made, but is never quite able to overcome its laughable premise, which is too bad. it could have been done, i think, by leading off with a little more character work before the baby entered the picture. as it is, by the time we get the groundwork necessary to accept tsotsi's actions, it's already too late. good direction, though, and great actors, with a lot of sumptuous cinematography and design.

  9. Nick Potter's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Hard to imagine Gavin Hood would go on to be known for X-Men Origins: Wolverine... It didn't take long for to fall in love with Tsotsi. I found the pacing exciting while still leaving room for authentic drama, and the acting is terrific. Such a deserving win for a wonderful South African film.

  10. OcioActivo's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Tsotsi seems to fall into the type of film that brings light into a subject to a wide(r) audiences but at the cost of real filmmaking value i.e. the 'Hollywood' touch or sheen it possesses. Otherwise, the film still has power and powerful images. Just thinking about the state of being in that time and place makes the great empathy machine turn its wheels in your mind.

  11. jamesey's rating of the film Tsotsi

    It's brutal, watching how some people in S. Africa live right now. This film will definitely pull at your heart. There's a little too much "hollywood" in the film, but it conveys the message and makes you feel for situation.

  12. Nan Bauer's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Lovely movie; Presley Chweneyagae is very moving in the title role. The game of craps that open the movie is a great metaphor. Yes, you can pretty much see where this one is going, but you want it to go there. Nice to see Athol Fugard story on film (he wrote the source material, not the screenplay) and also to get a glimpse of the South Africa that the tourist board would rather you didn't know about.

  13. ShawnD's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Yes, it's more than a little cloying and yes, some of it preposterous. I can't really mount much of a defense other than to say, the emotional payoff(s) were earned and I found the depiction of Joburg illuminating (never having been there).

  14. vordven's rating of the film Tsotsi

  15. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Tsotsi

  16. lina maj's rating of the film Tsotsi

  17. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Under more inventive direction it could have delivered a lot more emotion.

  18. Superfrog's rating of the film Tsotsi

    From memory, as I did not feel like watching it again now:The script is a somewhat less than good, but saved by the graphical description of slum dynamics.

  19. GreenROCK's rating of the film Tsotsi

    A decent story about decency.

  20. agger's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Pretty good, quick pace of developments, highlighting some important social issues which are the more interesting for an outsider to the culture (well, me). A pretty good pace and an interesting ending - when I saw at a festival some years ago, an alternative ending was screened afterwards which made for a strange experience.

  21. Ruby W's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Engaging and well told. An interesting story about a young gang leader living in the slums on the outskirts of Johannesburg, who steals a car but there's also a baby inside. It follows his transformation from angry, violent, gang-leading juvenile with little respect for himself or anyone else to owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility for what he has done. Full of emotion and quite gripping.

  22. raggiodisole's rating of the film Tsotsi

    well at least he didn't die in the end, so not entirely cliche-ridden, but it was somewhat formulaic, though some good performances lifted it

  23. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Tsotsi

    Although there is plenty to praise about, the excess emotional involvement of the thug from the slums of JoBurg leaves a strong Hollywood aftertaste in the mouth.