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  1. Photo of Jay Russell

    Jay Russell Director

  2. Photo of Jeffrey Lieber

    Jeffrey Lieber Screenplay

  3. Photo of James V. Hart

    James V. Hart Screenplay

  4. Photo of Natalie Babbitt

    Natalie Babbitt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alexis Bledel

    Alexis Bledel Cast

  6. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  7. Photo of Sissy Spacek

    Sissy Spacek Cast

  8. Photo of Jonathan Jackson

    Jonathan Jackson Cast

  9. Photo of Scott Bairstow

    Scott Bairstow Cast

  10. Photo of Ben Kingsley

    Ben Kingsley Cast

  11. Photo of Amy Irving

    Amy Irving Cast

  12. Photo of Victor Garber

    Victor Garber Cast

  13. Photo of Elisabeth Shue

    Elisabeth Shue Cast

  14. Photo of Kosha Engler

    Kosha Engler Cast

  15. Photo of James L. Carter

    James L. Carter Cinematography

  16. Photo of William Ross

    William Ross Music

  17. Photo of Tony Burrough

    Tony Burrough Production Design

  18. Photo of Marc Abraham

    Marc Abraham Producer

  19. Photo of Jane Startz

    Jane Startz Producer

  20. Photo of Armyan Bernstein

    Armyan Bernstein Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Thomas A. Bliss

    Thomas A. Bliss Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Deborah Forte

    Deborah Forte Executive Producer

  23. Photo of William Teitler

    William Teitler Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Max Wong

    Max Wong Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Jay Cassidy

    Jay Cassidy Editing