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  1. Photo of Hal Roach

    Hal Roach Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Thorne Smith

    Thorne Smith Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mickell Novack

    Mickell Novack Screenplay

  4. Photo of Berne Giler

    Berne Giler Screenplay

  5. Photo of John McClain

    John McClain Screenplay

  6. Photo of Norbert Brodine

    Norbert Brodine Cinematography

  7. Photo of Adolphe Menjou

    Adolphe Menjou Cast

  8. Photo of Carole Landis

    Carole Landis Cast

  9. Photo of John Hubbard

    John Hubbard Cast

  10. Photo of William Gargan

    William Gargan Cast

  11. Photo of Verree Teasdale

    Verree Teasdale Cast

  12. Photo of Mary Astor

    Mary Astor Cast

  13. Photo of Donald Meek

    Donald Meek Cast

  14. Photo of Joyce Compton

    Joyce Compton Cast

  15. Photo of Inez Courtney

    Inez Courtney Cast

  16. Photo of Franklin Pangborn

    Franklin Pangborn Cast

  17. Photo of Marjorie Main

    Marjorie Main Cast

  18. Photo of Berton Churchill

    Berton Churchill Cast

  19. Photo of Margaret Roach

    Margaret Roach Cast

  20. Photo of Ray Turner

    Ray Turner Cast

  21. Photo of Norman Budd

    Norman Budd Cast

  22. Photo of Polly Ann Young

    Polly Ann Young Cast

  23. Photo of Eleanor Riley

    Eleanor Riley Cast

  24. Photo of Murray Alper

    Murray Alper Cast

  25. Photo of Miki Morita

    Miki Morita Cast

  26. Photo of Yolande Donlan

    Yolande Donlan Cast

  27. Photo of Georges Renavent

    Georges Renavent Cast

  28. Photo of Bert Jordan

    Bert Jordan Editing

  29. Photo of Nicolai Remisoff

    Nicolai Remisoff Production Design

  30. Photo of Arthur Morton

    Arthur Morton Music

  31. Photo of William M. Randall Jr.

    William M. Randall Jr. Sound

  32. Photo of Royer

    Royer Costume Design